Iron Y Strainer

bronze strainer

Iron Y Strainers.

S. G. Iron bodied 'Y' type strainer suitable for water, steam, and oil. The strainer offers cost effective protection to mechanical equipment such as pumps, meters, traps, and valves from the potential hazards of pipeline debris. Installation of a strainer before any mechanical equipment will ensure trouble-free service and avoid costly shutdowns, repairs, or replacements so often caused by the introduction of foreign matter in pipelines.

Pipe connections

Female Inlet x Female Outlet.

Standard strainers are threaded

BS21:1985 Taper, NPT available on request.

Pressure/Tempreture rating

PN25 (Cold Non-shock 25 bar)

Steam 13.8 bar at 232ºC

Test pressure hydraulic

Shell 48 bar.

Strainer screen

½" to 2" fitted as standard with 20 mesh (0.9mm aperture) screen, 50% free flow area.

2½ - 3" fitted as standard with 12 mesh (1.6mm aperture) screen.

Wide range of alternative meshes/apertures available on request.

Repairs and maintenance

All strainers should be regularly checked for damage and maintained according to the installation and maintenance instructions. Full range of spare parts including replacement screens available on request.

Extra fittings available

Pressure tapping differential points on ½” to 2”.

Magnetic plugs on all sizes.


All strainers are tested prior to despatch and are guaranteed for 12 months against faulty materials and workmanship..